The Great Post Grad Stories of HKUST Alumnus

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is located in the Clear Water Bay Penninsula of Hong Kong, and was first established in 1991. It offers courses and degree programs in Science, Engineering, Business Management, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Today, many university alumni have started very successful businesses, and many others have gone on to work in very senior management in a variety of large and successful companies. Let’s take a look at some great alumni stories:

Dr. Don Huang

Following his graduation from HKUST, Dr. Huang began teaching financial engineering when he got a call from his good friend Kelvin Lei who was interested in starting a business. Kelvin was dismayed by the financial crash of 2008, where, as he saw it, ordinary people were duped into buying complex derivatives that they didn’t understand. Kelvin sought to democratize investing and make it more accessible to ordinary people.

Dr. Huang knew that the financial modeling and the algorithms for such a project would be complex but gladly accepted the challenge. They started the business, just the two of them, in the HKUST library before moving on to a village house in Tai Po Tsai Village in Clear Water Bay. They stayed up late each night as they sought to oversee financial transactions that occurred in different time zones. Through hard work and determination, they caught the interest of Jack Ma and Alibaba, and AQUOMON, a full-service financial app for all, was born.

Today the company employs 150 people and has investors like Alibaba, Lenovo, Cyberport, and Zheng He Capital.

Raymond Chan

Raymond was originally born in Singapore, but when he got older, he moved to Hong Kong, studied, and learned Mandarin. Upon graduation, he worked in the banking sectors of Hong Kong, London, and eventually back to Singapore. In 2015 Raymond saw an opportunity to establish a successful business. He started Piloto Asia, a fully registered filing agent in Singapore and helps businesses get established in the city.

The business has since taken off, and despite the pandemic, Chan and his team have learned to adapt and thrive, and the business today is very successful with a diversity of clientele.

Dr. Langsont Suen

Dr. Suen is a graduate of HKUST, and in 2016 he created a company called Health Tech Innovations. His main focus was establishing a drug delivery system that would reach its destination in the eye through a non-invasive technique called Non-Invasive Ultrasound Ocular Drug Delivery technology.

The previous method of doing the procedure on the eye involved invasive surgery that took upwards of an hour. With Dr. Suen’s new approach, he can complete this procedure in a non-invasive way that takes as little as 20 min to complete and is much easier on the patient.

As you can see, despite HKUST’s relatively young age as an institution, it has managed to produce great technological innovators and leaders across a diversity of different fields. The above-mentioned alumni are only a small part of the many HKUST success stories. To check out more of them, simply click here [https://alum.hkust.edu.hk/] .

So many of HKUST’s almuni graduates and students love to be part of the Alumni associations and clubs which help expand networking opportunities and provide students and post grads with a smooth transition into the job market. These programs are some of the many reasons why HKUST has been such a popular choice.

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