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    The Impact of COVID 19 On The Education Sector

    From the beginning of the COVID 19 crisis, thee have been many sectors that have made a change in the way to move forward. One of these sectors is education. What are some of the changes being made within the education sector in this COVID 19 world? What helps prepare children to reach their educational goals while dealing with the pressures of COVID 19? How do students, teachers and parents deal with a virus that has no preference on who it consumes? Read on to discover the answers to these questions as the educational sector deals with the crisis of educating students in this COVID 19, divisive and chaotic world.…

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    The Great Post Grad Stories of HKUST Alumnus

    The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is located in the Clear Water Bay Penninsula of Hong Kong, and was first established in 1991. It offers courses and degree programs in Science, Engineering, Business Management, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Today, many university alumni have started very successful businesses, and many others have gone on to work in very senior management in a variety of large and successful companies. Let’s take a look at some great alumni stories: Dr. Don Huang Following his graduation from HKUST, Dr. Huang began teaching financial engineering when he got a call from his good friend Kelvin Lei who was interested in starting a…